Banking application

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Banking Application

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Software Management

A web based solution designed to automate the push and pull of files between the Self Service Terminals (SST) and the centralized servers. The retrieval of Electronic Journal (EJ) files, camera files, etc. from the SSTs and file updates like promotional/advertisement screens, patches and fixes file, campaign files, currency templates, etc. to the SSTs made very simple. It supports multiple platforms i.e. OS/2, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Linux.

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Cash Management

This solution provides online monitoring of cash level position of any cashpoints. The cashpoints can be the ATM, Cash Deposit machines, teller counters, branch vaults, etc. The same Cash Management application can be utilized to manage and monitor the bank’s overall cash positions at any point of time.

The solution provides the balancing status a replenishment cycle as and when replenishment is completed. The application provides the excess or shortage cash amount for any unbalanced SST upon the actual cash returned or collected values are entered by the branches or Cash Replenishment Agents.

It has a workflow based cash indent feature where the authorized branch users are able to request/order cash for any cashpoints with denominations. As the access to each feature in the module is based on a ‘role’, the access to this application can be extended to any 3rd party service providers too based on the access levels.

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Replenishment Balancing

This solution compares the Local Total (amount keyed in the SST via SST application) during the replenishment, the Admin Total (the amount entered for the Switch update) and the Cash Balancing Report (CBR) which provided by the Cash Replenishment Agents and provides the exception SSTs having the amount variance. The application provides online comparison as and when all the required details loaded into the system.

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Transaction Reconciliation

This module supports 2-way, 3-way, 4-way transaction reconciliation. The application requires the relevant input data for the reconciliation process i.e. EJ files form SSTs, Switch log files form banks, CBR files from CITs or CRAs and GL logs. The application reconciles each transaction against the relevant input data to identify suspected or exception transactions. This simplifies the reconciliation process with other banks.

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Dispute Management – reactive/– proactive

A workflow based application which manages disputes. The solution collates all the required data and details in a single GUI for user to make a decision on any dispute case. The disputes could be a ‘re-active’ case where customer complaints about the dispute and the user starts the processing of the reported case and the ‘pro-active’ cases are where the application identifies the suspected dispute and creates a ticket for processing before customer initiate the complaint. The solution provides end-to-end workflow from complaint registration, complaint review, approval/reject, payment file generation, notification and case closure.

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Transaction Management

This module analyses the transaction details of every SST. It monitors the real-time cash position of every SST with configurable threshold limits. It provides traffic light colour codes on the cash position. The application is able to retrieve the required data from respective SST or from the Switch. It provides the analysis of transaction type like financial and non-financial, the on-us and off-us transactions, the breakdown of non-financial transactions like transfer, top-ups, etc. Also provides the withdrawal pattern.